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My Surprise, Small Connection to the Duggar Family

When the newspaper surprises you with a connection to a news story

Alan Simpson
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Facebook always has a list of “people you may know” on your feed.

I will look through it occasionally to see if there is anyone there who I might want to connect with. The answer is usually no.

For a long time, one of the suggestions was a couple with a shared account(I think shared accounts are weird) with a lot of mutual friends from the church I attended for years when we first moved to Maryland.

This couple now lived in Arkansas. I recognized the names, but didn’t feel like I knew them enough to want to be friends on Facebook. They were on my “people you may know” list for a while before they were no longer suggested.

Their names never crossed my mind until this morning.

There was an article in the Washington Post about the documentary about the Duggar family. I have never watched anything about the Duggar family, but I glanced at the article to see if there was anything of note. Imagine my surprise to see this opener.

In the first episode, “Meet the Duggars,” the docuseries intro- duces two close family friends, Jim and Bobye Holt, who were also IBLP members.
As a teenager, Josh Duggar began dating the Holts’ daugh- ter, Kaeleigh.

June 5, 2023 edition of the Washington Post

Jim and Bobye Holt were the people who were always on my “people you may know” list on Facebook.

I looked on Facebook to see if this could be the same people, but the account is no longer there. I did find the daughter and she has a mutual friend from my old church so I am 99% sure these are the people who used to go to the same church as me when they lived in Maryland.

I recognize the names and kind of remember them, but I’m not sure how much I interacted with them when they were here. I’m sure I have friends who were closer friends with them.

I never expected to wake up this morning and discover a very minor connection to the Duggar family, but strange things happen.

I guess I need to watch the documentary now.

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