My Week in Review 11/10/23

A look at my week in life, viewing, and reading

Alan Simpson


I don’t know if this is making a permanent Friday return, but I have some time alone so here we go.

I once again did not watch a movie. I did just finish one book. Here’s my week.


We went to the Raven game Sunday afternoon. Security was in our section multiple times. I don’t know why they were there for most of them, but one was because someone in front of us was blatantly smoking weed and it was blowing in the faces of those of us behind him. No one was shy about pointing him out when security arrived.

I subbed twice this week and had very good classes both times. I even did some stuff that was close to actual teaching. Also, it’s nice to be walking from lunch to the classroom building and hearing “Hi Mr Simpson” coming from the crowd of students.

I had today off and realized after the fact that it is probably because parent-teacher conferences started today so I would likely have only been called in for a last-second illness.

My wife put our Christmas lights up today since it was warm. I’m not sure if we will turn them on yet.


I did not watch an entire movie this week. I did sub for a film class that was watching Crooklyn, so I saw a little over an hour of that.


The SAG strike is over as of today so shows should be back in production soon. It seems that the plan for most shows is to have around 12 episode seasons starting in early 2024.

We are still watching Taskmaster most days. We have gone back and started watching the seasons we skipped in order. We are in season 8 now.

I hate when Survivor merges, but then has the twist of doing immunity in teams where only 6 people go to each tribal. It takes away all of the strategy and relationships people have built and leaves them vulnerable to a game of chance. No one should end up voted out because they were unlucky with the team selections.

It’s a little mean, but I love it when an Amazing Race team does so badly that Phil shows up before they do a task to tell them not to bother because everyone else is done.

I got lucky and finished Survivor right when Post Malone was about to perform on the CMA Awards. I’m always pleasantly surprised with…



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