My Week in Review 11/18/23

Alan Simpson
3 min readNov 18, 2023

We are back to Saturday for the week in review post. It seems like this will be the norm, especially if I sub on Thursday.

We did watch a movie this week, but I slept through so much of it I can’t say if it was good or not. I finished one book this week.


I was at the school two days this week and was asked to do a third. The third one would have been an easy two-hour day, but it conflicted with farm stuff. I’m already booked for the Monday after Thanksgiving.

Because I am subbing so much I had to give up my backpack deliveries. I’ve been doing the deliveries for a couple of years now and I hate to give them up, but my schedule is too inconsistent now to commit.

We went to the Ravens game Thursday night. I’m still exhausted from too many late nights this week, but night games are a lot of fun.

We took two of the goats to an early learning center at Johns Hopkins yesterday. It’s always fun to take the goats on a field trip.

TV News and Views

CBS and ABC have announced their plans and schedules for the post-strike return of shows. CBS shows will start to return on February 12. ABC shows will have a slow rollout out with some shows starting in February, but some not premiering until mid-March.

CW has pulled two more of their acquired shows from the schedule. Run the Burbs and Everyone Else Burns are gone. Luckily, Son of a Critch and Children Ruin Everything, our two favorites, are safe for now.

We are now on season 10 of Taskmaster. So far I am not loving the cast this time. We are only a couple of episodes in so I hope they will grow on me.

Amazing Race and Survivor were both fun this week. A blindside on Survivor and a team that should have been eliminated barely beating another team to the mat on Amazing Race. I liked the eliminated people on both, but it was still fun.


I finished one book this week.

Cover of the book starter villain by John scalzi

Starter Villain by John Scalzi — Charlie is a divorced substitute teacher living in his childhood home with his cat and trying to get a loan to buy a local pub. His life changes when his wealthy, estranged uncle dies and…



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