My Week in Review 11/3/23

A look at my week in life, reading, and viewing

Alan Simpson


It was another week without a movie. My family does not seem to be into the movie thing these days. I did finish one book this week.


I expected our trick-or-treater numbers to go up this year. The weather was better. Things are back to normal. More kids have moved into the neighborhood. Instead, the numbers were down. Part of that is due to too many of my neighbors not handing out candy. People won’t bother walking down the street if half of the houses are dark.

I only subbed two days this week so I had a day of no farm or school. It was nice to have a day to get other things done.

We had people working on the garage all week. I was happy to have it done yesterday only to discover they were coming back today to do work in the kitchen. The kitchen is next to where I usually am when I am home. I have to temporarily move to a new part of the house when they are here.


Superman & Lois will end after the next season. This will be the end of the superhero era of CW.

We finished another season of Taskmaster and are now going back to watch the rest of the seasons in order. We are on season 3 right now.

The latest tribal council on Survivor made up for the early quitters. It usually gets good after the merge. I still don’t get why no one threw a vote on another person in case something like this happened.

The U-Turn on Amazing Race was kind of wasted. The U-Turned team is still in the race and would have been even closer to the front had they not made a mistake. It makes no sense to use it on a team that far ahead.

I have too many days now where there are no shows I watch alone. I need to find a streaming show I can watch without my family.


I finished one book this week.

Cover of the book Black River Orchard

There is a small orchard in the small town of Harrow. The owner has discovered a new apple and has grown seven trees from the branches of the tree. Soon, his business is booming. The town can’t get enough of the apples. As they eat them, they get healthier. Illnesses are gone…



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