My Week in Review 2/16/24

A quick look at my week in life, viewing and reading

Alan Simpson


It is weird to write the date for today and not put my birth year instead of the current year. I almost typed in the wrong year, but I caught myself.

I did not watch a movie this week. I did finish one book.


I was only at the school two days this week. I had told them I was unavailable on Wednesday due to a prior commitment. It was canceled. but I decided to take the day anyway. They still checked to see if I could come in. Luckily, I was far enough away from home to not be tempted to say yes.

I need some nice senior AP classes. I had all freshman classes yesterday and I was exhausted.

It was a pretty low-key week even with my wife’s birthday on Monday and Valentine’s Day on Wednesday. My wife does not like going out, so we had takeout both days.

It was a cold, rainy morning at the barn on Tuesday, and then turned into a cold, snowy day. They did find three extra volunteers for me since it was going to be a harder day with all of the horses in all night, so it was still a pretty easy day.


We watched the Super Bowl Sunday night. It was a good game even though the wrong team won. I thought Usher’s halftime show was a good one. I wrote a little about the commercials here.

We watched Tracker on CBS this week. It aired after the Super Bowl. It stars Justin Hartley as a guy who finds missing people for the rewards. I thought it was a good premiere and we will watch more.

We watched the season premiere of Abbott Elementary. We were glad they had the change in jobs for Janine a fellowship so they don’t have to have some contrived reason for her to go back to her regular job.

The CBS shows are premiering this week. So far all I have watched is NCIS Hawai’i. I’m looking forward to getting to Ghosts and So Help Me Todd.


I finished one book this week.

The Collectors edited by A. S. King — A collection of short stories for teens written by nine of today’s best YA authors. All of the stories revolve around collecting and collections…



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