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My Week in Review 6/3/23

A look at my week in life, viewing, and reading

Alan Simpson
3 min readJun 3


There was less TV to watch this week, but I did watch a movie and I finished a book. Maybe this will be a summer of movies and books.


The week started out badly. I found out Monday evening that one of the horses at the farm died. Working with the horses is rewarding and therapeutic, but can also be heartbreaking.

Due to the above news, the barn was closed on Tuesday so I had five hours of extra time. I didn’t know what to do with myself.

We went to the John Mellencamp concert in Baltimore last night. It was a good show. I was happy I had read about his problems with the audience at his Cleveland show so that I was prepared for the 25 minutes of movie clips before he took the stage. I tried to think of it as a bad opening act.


I watched Shazam: Fury of the Gods this week. My family all claim they never watched the first one so I watched it alone. I liked it. The story was a little messy, but I loved the mix of superhero action and humor.


We have caught up on Superman & Lois. I think it is one of the better versions of Superman. Mainly because it is more about Clark than Superman. It’s interesting to see Superman deal with family life and raising teenagers.

We finally got started on the latest season of Outer Banks. We forgot it existed until we ran out of shows we all watch. I liked season one the best and feel like the story is getting a little ridiculous, but I still enjoy it.

I finally caught up on Yellowjackets. I didn’t like season two as much as season one. I still like the flashbacks more than the current-day story, but I like it enough to watch season three.

We finished the latest season of Chicago Fire. It ended again with one of the firefighters in danger of dying, but will likely start next season with him perfectly healthy.


I finished one book this week.

Cover of the book death on the nile
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Death on the Nile by Agatha Christie — My son bought this one for me for Christmas. He is a big Christie…



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