Speaking Ill of the Dead

Is it OK to say bad things about celebrities after they die?

Alan Simpson


Photo by John Thomas on Unsplash

Toby Keith died yesterday.

A sports guy I follow on Twitter(I will never call it X) tweeted that he always thought that the “don’t speak unless you have something nice to say” should be applied for at least 24 hours after someone’s death.

He tweeted this after he posted a tribute to Toby Keith, talked about loving his music, and about how nice Keith was when he met him when he played in Kentucky.

His mentions on that tribute were full of people talking about what a terrible person they thought Toby Keith was because of his personal beliefs.

I stumbled on another tweet cheering his death. They actually said “Yay” in response to the death of someone they didn’t personally know because they had different political and personal beliefs.

I agree with the sports guy — it is bad form to rush to social media to post about disliking a person who just died, especially when you feel this way because of political beliefs.

If you are cheering the death and saying you are glad they are dead you might want to consider counseling because you obviously have some issues. You might also just be an asshole. Perhaps a professional can help you figure it out.

I will allow for saying bad things about people who have committed mass murders and other horrible crimes. Otherwise, just shut up.



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