Was The Ted Lasso Finale A Satisfying End To The Show? My Thoughts

Random observations on the finale of Ted Lasso

Alan Simpson
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We watched the finale of Ted Lasso Wednesday afternoon. I have loved every bit of the show and I’m sad to see it go. I thought the finale was the perfect end to a great show. Here are some of my favorite things about the finale.

Warning — Spoilers ahead.

I thought it was great that after a season of people complaining that Ted was not featured as much in many of the episodes this season that his note on Trent’s book was to change the name because “It’s not about me. It never was” I think a lot of people who wrote about Ted Lasso didn’t get what Ted Lasso was about.

I’ve loved the evolution of Jamie and Roy and their friendship. Even after they fought over, and were both rejected by Keeley. they remained friends. And also friends with Keeley.

I’m happy that the fans turned on Rupert and directed the wanker chant at him at the end.

I love the idea of a spinoff featuring the Richmond Women’s Soccer Club.

I didn’t make the connection until I read about it later, but Mae straightens the picture at the pub near the end. It is the same picture Sam straightens at the end of Cheers. Norm from Cheers is Jason Sudeikis’s uncle.

I’m glad Beard stayed. It made no sense for him to leave his job and his girlfriend because Ted was leaving.

I was happy that Rebecca didn’t sell the team and that Roy, Beard, and Nate are the coaches. They could easily continue “The Richmond Way” with Jason Sudeikis as an occasional guest star.

There were so many callbacks to earlier episodes. Some I noticed right away. Some I didn’t get until I saw videos later.

I’m kind of happy they didn’t win the league. That was the easy story. It’s more realistic that they came in second and gives incentive for a possible return of Ted later.

I’m not buying that the entire future epilogue was Ted’s dream. I do think Beard’s wedding was a dream. It looked weird and it didn’t make sense that Ted wasn’t there.

I’m fine with Nate’s redemption arc. I guess people wanted something bad to happen to him as karma for what he did when he left. That’s not how life usually works. He realized his mistakes. He regretted what he did and who he was becoming. He was forgiven. That should be enough.

I loved Roy finally asking to join the Diamond Dogs.

It was a very well-done finale. I’m sad to see the show end, but I’m glad it ended with such a great episode.



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